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  • Discovery Church is continuing to reach the City of Galway and beyond with vibrant ministry, compassionate care and the love of Christ. Pray that the current post-Covid environment provides opportunities for Discovery Church to bring Jesus to the hurting and needy.
  • FICM is embarking on production of a video as a follow-up to their on-site retreats to reinforce the material and provide further teaching and testimonies.  Pray that adequate funding and production talent is brought to this project and that is completed with excellence.
  • Abundant Life is currently raising funds for renovation to create a Kids Church to impact the city's children and families.  Prayers for the success of that effort would be welcome. 



All donations to Serving Ireland Foundation are tax deductible. Please make checks payable to Serving Ireland Foundation and send to:

Serving Ireland Foundation
P.O. Box 25112
Lansing, MI 48909-5112
Amazon Smile

When shopping on Amazon, please use and this will lead you to the same shopping experience, but with a charity fundraising focus.  Choose "Serving Ireland Foundation" on the drop down menu of charities and we will receive a donation for each of your qualifying purchases.

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